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I maintain several websites offering a variety of free services. However, publicly posted resources such as thesis protocols are of little practical use as many people would have already seen the protocol. Docpg is an attempt to restrict access to certain resources, thereby increasing its value. One of my favourite offerings is Thesis Protocols in Dermatology. You have the option to ‘Buy’ the resource by paying extra, once you decide to use any of the resources as your thesis/project. Once you buy, further access will be blocked in 24 hours.

Clinical Evidence Sheets summarise clinical trials especially in the realm of cosmetic dermatology for patients to make informed decisions. Cosmetic dermatology, unlike other medical specialities, has an element of business-client relationship that makes this information less accessible to patients. These resources may be useful if you are considering expensive cosmetic procedures.

Bioinformatics is the interdisciplinary field that develops methods and software tools for understanding biological data. However, usage and interpretation of these tools require clinical expertise. The bioinformatics projects section showcases simple learning projects that take bioinformatics to the bedside.

I have moved some of my other software products, survey and grading tools here to track downloads. Hoping to add many more!

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